Sección dedicada la publicación de todas las oportunidades de empleos y trabajos disponibles en el Programa del Estuario de la Bahía de San Juan. Están ubicados por fecha desde la más reciente. ¡Esperamos que puedas unirte a nuestro equipo!


The purpose of this contract is to ensure successful management of grants funded by a variety of donors including government agencies, private donors and others. This will be achieved through the establishment and use of best practice project management systems, providing expert advice on donor requirements and regulations, by supporting contract negotiation and review and by helping to build staff capacity to ensure compliance with contractual and donor regulations.

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Podcast Production And Consultation

The San Juan Bay Estuary Program (Estuario) seeks proposals from qualified firms/individuals for Podcast Services. Proposers are invited to respond to Podcast Production and Consultation task.  It is the Estuario’s intention to award a contract with an initial term of four (4) months, with an option to renew for up to an additional twelve (12) months.

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