Our Team

We are a group of enthusiastic and tireless professional experts. The organization also includes a Board of Directors of the Corporation for the Conservation of the Estuario de la Bahía de San Juan, the Estuario de la Bahía de San Juan Management Conference, and two active committees that meet several times per year.

We are diverse, we are experts, we are Estuario

Brenda Torres Barreto, Executive Director
Cathy Ortiz, Operations Officer
Ivangs Rivera, Water Quality and Citizen Science Coordinator
Dr. Jorge Bauzá-Ortega, Scientific Director
Cristina Ramírez, Stakeholders and Aquatic Debris Coordinator
María Gabriela Huertas Díaz, Assistant Project Manager for Strategy


  • Laura Almodóvar – Public Policy
  • Roxanne Almodóvar – Coordinator of the Estuary for Review of the Comprehensive Management and Conservation Plan and for the Evaluation of the Program
  • Coral Avilés – Education Coordinator
  • Víctor M. Cuadrado Landrau – Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Website Maintenance 
  • Leonor De Jesús – Financial and Planning Analyst
  • Carola Díaz – Accountant 
  • Tamaris Fournier – Communications Specialist
  • Natalia Jiménez – Community Gardens & Green Infrastructure 
  • Lara Medina – Community Resilience Coordinator in Arts & Culture 
  • Eliezer Nieves – Education Specialist 
  • Jesús Pérez – Estuary Coordinator for Aquatic Waste
  • Maricela Perryman – Grant Writer / Compliance Officer 
  • Ricardo Quiñones – Aquatic Resources Resilience Coordinator 
  • Joselín Ramírez – Graphic Design & Social Media Assistant 
  • Álex Villegas – Community Resilience Coordinator 
  • Sandra Villerrael – Content Creator 
  • UPR Mayagüez – Monitoring Consultant Team, Principal Investigator Dr. Gustavo Martínez

María de Lourdes Jiménez

Carl Soderberg
Vice President

Rafael Vélez

Carlos J. Fernández Lugo

Friedel Stubbe

Blas Fonalledas

Jorge San Miguel
San Juan Bay Estuary Management Conference

María de Lourdes Jiménez
Corporation for the Conservation of the San Juan Bay Estuary

Anais Rodríguez
Interim Secretary
Department of Environmental and Natural Resources

Plan. Julio Lassús Ruiz
Planning Board

Carmen Guerrero
Federal Environmental Protection Agency for the Caribbean

Ariel Lugo
Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC)

Marisol Jiménez
Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC)

Ramon Lloveras San Miguel
Representative of the Banking and Finance Sector

We have the following active committees that meet several times per year:

  • Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC)
  • Civic Advisory Committee (CAC)

The STAC president represents the academic/technology sectors and the CAC president represents residents before the Management Conference.