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Water Quality

The objective of the Water Quality Program is to learn about the condition of the quality of the water of the EBSJ and measure improvements on its restoration.

The Estuario de la Bahía de San Juan Program leads several initiatives to monitor the quality of the water in our ecosystem and to learn about the success of the implementation of our Comprehensive Conservation and Management Program through three efforts:

  • Water quality monitoring by volunteers
  • Bacteriological monitoring and notifying the public
  • Puerto Rico Water Quality Day

Water Quality Monitoring by Volunteers

This program was created in 2008. Volunteers collect water samples and measure the concentration of 12 parameters of water quality that have nutrients (nitrates and phosphorus), bacteria indicating fecal contamination (fecal coliform and enterococcus), oils and fats, conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen, and haziness.

Every month samples are taken from 26 stations distributed among 13 bodies of water representative of the diversity of the aquatic systems present on the hydrographic basin and estuarine coast.

As part of this effort, we have trained 400 scientific citizens through theoretical and practical workshops so they can conduct the samples. You can view their findings in this section.

Water Quality Data

To access monthly data collected, click here.

Obtain Your Certification

We invite you to obtain your certification to be a scientific citizen!

One of the requirements is to volunteer to monitor the water quality. Click here to learn more about our offers and requirements for the certification. We are counting on you!

Bacteriological Monitoring and Notification to the Public Program

Every week, the PEBSJ personnel take samples in the estuarine waters to determine the presence of fecal enterococcus sp. bacteria. The analysis is performed in-house at our own laboratories. Samples are prepared and processed with the IDEXX’s QuantiTray method. To determine the quality of the water, we compare the results with the federal standard known as the “Beach Action Value” which has a limit of no more than 70 CFU/100m.

This novel monitoring and public notification program started in 2014 with the Laguna del Condado Natural Reserve. After Hurricane Maria, we extended the monitoring program to the northern coast of the hydrographic basin of the Estuario de la Bahía de San Juan.

Water Quality Data

Samples are collected and analyzed every Thursday, and the results are published on Fridays on our social media and below:

Weekly Water Quality Monitoring Results:

To access weekly data collected,  click here.

Water Quality Day

With the goal of creating awareness about the importance of maintaining our waters in optimal conditions, the Water Quality Day has allowed for training of thousands of volunteers that have conducted simple water quality tests on rivers, lakes, lagoons, estuaries, and the oceans across the entire island.

Learn more about this great event here.

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