Guardians of the Estuary Program

Guardians of the Estuary is a school program that promotes water quality research and monitoring between students and teachers. This school program, along with participation from the community, reinforces research skills related to water. We also offer other workshops and special activities to the guardians.

During the school year, the estuary collaborates with a public or private school to provide them with a tool kit to conduct water quality tests. The school adopts a body of water and commits to perform water quality monitoring activities during the school year, and the data collected from each school is saved in a database at the Estuary. The Estuary also supports each guardian school by offering talks, workshops, and special activities.

Guardians Schools

Map and data

Links to documents to participate in the Guardians of the Estuary Program

For more information, contact us at 787-725-8165, [email protected] or [email protected].

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