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Community Protocol to Submit Complaints and File Environmental Violation Reports

Please gather the following information

    1. Where the events took place (street, sector, municipality, etc.) 
    2. When the events took place (if possible, include the time) 
    3. Name of claimant
    4. Contact information (phone, email) 
    5. Take pictures from different angles (for example, the street sign, area affected by flooding or clandestine landfill, etc.) 
    6. Take coordinates using your cellphone, GPS, or Google Earth. 
    7. Select the type of incident from the following options: 
      • Discharge of contaminated water
      • Objectionable/strong odors
      • Cutting and/or pruning of trees
      • Felling a forest
      • Felling a ravine
      • Drilling on the ground
      • Moving dirt with machines
      • Dead fish and/or other organisms
      • Covering vegetation
      • Heavy machinery on the wetland
      • Suspicious construction
      • Other (clandestine landfills, among others)
    8. Include a brief description of the incident. (For example: Broken pipeline that was fixed last month but broke again.) If there are previous complaints filed, we suggest including the claim numbers in the description. State whether you have alerted another government agency or news agency and if there is a community group addressing the issue or if another neighbor has reported the case (in case that individual has the information, including the case number.

Report the Situation to the Pertinent Authority: 

  1. Submit your claim to the Natural and Environmental Resources Department by completing the form found here: or calling the Vigilante Corps Unit at: (787) 724-5700 | (787) 771-1124 | (787) 230-5550. Fire stations – Vigilante Corps Unit, San Juan (787) 230-5550
  2. Report environmental violations to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Response Center, by completing the form found here:  or calling 1-800-424-8802.
  3. Sanitary infrastructure – Aqueduct and Sewage Authority (AAA) – Complaints (787) 620-2482
  4. For damages or discharge into the rain sewage system, contact the corresponding municipality
    • Bayamón: Reforestation, Decoration and Beautification Department (787) 288-0562; Environmental Protection Program (787) 785-9250 (call for debris pickup and to empty septic tanks). Office of Environmental Vigilantes of the Environmental Protection Department (787) 780-5552 ext. 2410
    • Cataño: Public Works: [email protected] 787-788-0404
    • Canóvanas: Planning and Economic Development Office 787-957-1075
    • Carolina: Municipal Operation Center: (787) 769-4000; TeleServicio Gigante 787-641-2000; Environmental Issues Office (787) 757-2626 ext. 3405
    • Guaynabo: Community Issues -787-720-4040, ext. 3052; Permits Office 787-720-4040, ext. 2217, 2229
    • Loíza: Community Services -787-8876-1040 ext. 1200, 1265
    • San Juan: San Juan A Tu Servicio (787) 480-2650; Compliance and Environmental Planning Office – 787-480-6011
    • Toa Baja: Public Works (787) 794-5196 ext. 3030; Planning Office: 787-398-0405/2213 
    • Trujillo Alto: Territorial Planning Office (787) 761-0172; [email protected]
  5. If you or your life or property are in danger (landslide, river flood) contact the Emergency Management Office (OMME, for its Spanish acronym) of your municipality:
    • Bayamón:  787-786-6400
    • Cataño:  787-788-0028
    • Canóvanas: 787-876-2465
    • Carolina:  787-769-9858
    • Guaynabo:  787-720-2320
    • Loíza:  787-876-3561; 787-876-1040 ext. 1800
    • San Juan:  787-430-2030
    • Toa Baja:  787-795-4040
    • Trujillo Alto:  787-760-4440

Report illegal discharges to our detection and elimination of illegal discharge team at the estuary:

  • Call: (787) 725-8165
  • Report the event on our map.
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