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Estuario Weekly Update

Through our weekly update, we share opportunities for collaboration, volunteering, and work; through initiatives and actions programmed for the benefit of the ecosystems and communities of the San Juan Bay estuary. These activities, tips and information are for everyone’s benefit.

Next week we will be celebrating Coral Reef Week! Celebrate with Estuario and our collaborators at the DENR, who have scheduled a calendar of activities as part of this commemoration. Download the calendar here (PDF).

Cine del Estuario

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the screening for Cine del Estuario: In the Heights; scheduled Saturday, June 4, 2022, has been cancelled.  We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to seeing you at our next feature.  We’ll be announcing details soon.

Certification for Citizen Scientists

As part of the celebrations for Coral Reefs Week, don’t miss the Certification for Citizen Scientists Workshop—Coral Reefs: Resilience of Coastal Ecosystems; Thursday, June 9, 2022, from 5-7PM at Estuario’s Visitor Center (Old San Juan) and virtually, via Zoom. This joint workshop satisfies two requirements (introductory and elective) for the Coastal Resilience Thematic Module; it’s a great option to get certified faster.

Learn more about the Certification for Citizen Scientists Program, its thematic modules, certification process, and workshops scheduled in our portal.


Torres Barreto, B. June 1, 2022. Corales y huracanes. Opinión. El Nuevo Día. p.39.

Message from your Virtual Community Hub

This 2022 hurricane season, Estuario encourages you to download the Community Hurricane Preparedness Guide and apply its recommendations. The strength and resilience of your community starts at home. In this month of June, we continue to urge communities to recognize natural risks and stay informed.

Take advantage of our informative platform, the Virtual Community Hub, where you will find vital information to prepare your family and community. 

We remind you that to learn about our Hazard Mitigation Program and identify the risks, conditions and community assets available in your community:

Weekly Water Quality Monitoring

Evaluation conducted on Thursday, June 2, 2022. We continue with a green flag in the Laguna del Condado Estuarine Reserve and throughout all monitored areas of the coast. Still, we recommend being on the lookout for any precipitation events.

The actions for the restoration and management of bodies of water within the San Juan Bay Estuary Watershed are possible thanks to the public. Donations to the San Juan Bay Estuary Program are deductible from Puerto Rico and US tax returns.

For more info, go to

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