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Weekly Water Quality Monitoring

Here are the results, performed Thursday, November 12 2020. Published every Friday through our Facebook Page

The analisys shows an increased presence of enterococcus, a bacteria found in feces. These bacteria indicate pollution in water bodies and can also signify the presence of other pathogens. Periodically, some water bodies present high enterococcus counts, particularly after precipitation events. For this reason, Estuario recommends to avoid recreational use of water bodies during and after precipitation events. 

These results are not related to the diesel spill incident reported earlier this week. 

Estuario Sonoro

This week’s episode of Estuario Sonoro features Dr. Tischa Muñoz, an expert in the effects of flooding in urban areas. Estuario’s Executive Director, Brenda Torres, elaborates on the subject. 

You can get all episodes through your favorite podcast platform or here:

Estuario Resident Artists 2021

Estuario invites artists from all methods of expression to participate at the Estuario Resident Artists Program 2021 informative meetings. These meetings will include recapitulations of previous Resident Artist projects, answering any questions about the application process and meeting Estuario’s team. 

Registration is available HERE.

Webinar: Orchard, Nursery and Community Urban Forest of Capetillo; Academic, Environmental and Community Management.

Estuario invites its public to join this webinar on Friday, November 20 2020, 10AM-12PM. The webinar aims to highlights the Nursery’s relevance as a provider of formative professional, academic and volunteer experiences. It also explores its importance as a driver for community engagement and environmental commitment in Río Piedras. Estuario’s Education Manager and Geography professor at the University or Puerto Rico Río Piedras (UPRRP), Eliezer Nieves, features as a panelist and is accompanied by several colleagues from UPRRP. 

Link to register HERE.

Media Coverage & Publications

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Giving Tuesday

This year, as part of the  #GivingTuesday 2020 campaign, Estuario thanks its followers, volunteers, donors and collaborators for their support and participation through last year’s achievements. For over 25 years, Estuario has led the restoration of water bodies and the wellbeing of the population of Puerto Rico’s Metropolitan Area. 

This year’s contributions will help Estuario develop the Island’s first multijurisdictional hazard mitigation plan. This plan will help San Juan Bay Estuary Watershed communities reduce their vulnerabilities to natural disasters and avoid damages to property and life. 

Any amount helps. All contributions will help achieve more resilient ecosystems and healthier communities. #GivingTuesday is celebrated December 1, 2020. 

Link to donate:

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