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Weekly Water Quality Monitoring

Here are this week’s results, performed Thursday, March 4 2021. Published each Friday through our Facebook Page.

Citizen Science Certification Workshops

This past Wednesday, March 3 2021 a new cycle of Citizen Scientists Certification introductory workshops began, with the module Introduction to Participatory Bird Census provided by Education Coordinator Coral Avilés Santiago and Education Manager Eliezer Nieves Rodríguez. The event had an attendance of 91 people. 

Next week the cycle continues with the workshop: Introduction to Water Quality Monitoring, with Water Quality & Citizen Science Coordinator Harold Manrique Hernández, on Wednesday, March 10 2021, 3-4PM through Zoom. 

Registration link HERE.

Estuary Cinema 

Estuario celebrated the latest edition of Estuary Cinema, on Saturday, March 5 2021, at 7PM AST. This month’s showing presented a special edition featuring short documentaries produced through collaborations between the Sagrado Corazón University’s Ferré Rangel Communications School and Community Outreach Center with various environmental entities. It was broadcasted as a Facebook Video Premiere, 

Estuario at Mercado Machuchal 

This weekend, Mercado Machuchal celebrated its green-commerce event Vibra Verde, on Saturday & Sunday, March 6 & 7 2021, 10AM-5PM AST. 

Estuario brought its estuarine informative table on Sunday, March 7 2021; to inform the public about ongoing activities and projects, including the campaign Que No Toque el Piso ni Llegue al Agua, which focuses in proper management of solid waste and used cooking oil in the community of Calle Loíza; and the Resident Artist Adriana Garcia’s From Reality To Augmented Reality, which focused on the creation of augmented reality filters as a public education and outreach mechanism for grassroots, community-based entities. 

Watch a live video from the informative table, broadcasted through Facebook, HERE.

Climate-Strong Islands Network Annual Gathering 

The Climate-Strong Islands Network invites you to its annual gathering; an exchange of ideas between stakeholders in US island territories throughout the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The event provides an opportunity for the evaluation of activities and objectives aiming for Climate Change mitigation programmed for 2021. The gathering will take place Thursday, March 11 2021, at 5PM EST.

Island communities are among the most affected by Climate Change. The Climate-Strong Islands Network aims to highlight the challenges, vulnerabilities and opportunities unique to these territories and urges prompt action for their recuperation and reinforcement. 

Register through Eventbrite, HERE.

Try Estuario’s New Photo Filters

Resident Artist Adriana García and Estuario have released 7 filters as part of the project From Reality to Augmented Reality, which saw García imparting a series of workshops in the community of Machuchal, with the support of Community Workshop La Goyco. 

See the filters in our Instagram. Find them HERE.

Follow us on social media for information on activities and capacity building opportunities. If you have any questions, feel free to write to [email protected].

The San Juan Bay Estuary Watershed’s water quality management and restoration actions are possible thanks to our public. Donations to the San Juan Bay Estuary Program are deductible in Federal and Local tax returns. 

For more information and to make a donation, click here:

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