Four New Citizen Scientists Get Certified with Estuario

Under the Coastal Resilience Thematic Module

July 12, 2022—Estuario congratulates the four citizen scientists who completed their certification within the Coastal Resilience Thematic Module:

  • Nellymar Rohena

  • Lillian Bayron

  • Ivelisse Irizarry

  • Pedro Alvarado

Estuario’s Certification for Citizen Scientists’ Coastal Resilience Thematic Module presents concepts focused on coastal tropical ecosystems, in order to study the services they provide to their environment. The Module focuses on the following ecosystems:




Coral reefs



Each component discusses how these ecosystems function to strengthen the resilience of surrounding communities.

Discover more about Estuario’s Certification for Citizen Scientists Program, available thematic modules and certification process, here:


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