Artisan Marathon — To the Rescue of Glass

Estuario Resident Artists Program

The “To the Rescue of Glass” project had multiple functions: Carrying out trainings where the community could learn about the innumerable artistic expressions that glass can offer, generating audiovisual documentation of this process. The project aimed to empower the community and allow them to achieve a wider reach, helping then revolutionize how people see the glass bottles they consume.

The project was carried out in rotating phases of research, dissemination, and production. A virtual survey was conducted to gauge community trends in their handling of the glass they consume; weekly educational videos titled “Qué hacer con tu vidrio (What to do with your glass)” were published showing various ideas for reusing glass bottles without the need for special equipment; demonstrations were held during the La Goyco Community Fair and two Craft Marathons over two weekends, with participants bringing their glass bottles and creating a variety of crafts. Simultaneously, several interviews were carried out with professionals from various organizations to form part of an audiovisual piece that summarized the residency.

Michelle Malley Campos, Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on November 26, 1985, is an award-winning screenwriter and director with more than 10 years of experience in the film industry in Puerto Rico. Apart from making movies, Malley Campos is part of the working group of Taller Comunidad La Goyco, which covers the project Cinema Paradiso – Cine Comunitario: series de cine —outdoors and in rescued spaces—offering free presentations of local movies, documentaries, Hollywood classics and little-known foreign films for the community.

Short: Al Rescate del Vidrio

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