The Estuario de la Bahía de San Juan launches its initiative ‘Friends of the Lagoon’ with the reforestation of the Laguna del Condado

Denise Quiñones joins reforestation project with Estuario

San Juan, Puerto Rico – As part of the #EstuarioRevive campaign, Estuario has launched its community support initiative called Amigos de la Laguna (Friends of the Lagoon). The announcement was made through the planting of several species of trees along the shoreline of the Condado Lagoon. Amigos de la Laguna is composed of a diverse group of representatives for the revitalization of this area. Representatives include residents, recreational operators, the hotel sector, and visitors.

This event was joined by former Miss Universe Denise Quiñones, Godmother of San Juan Moda, in support of Estuario’s reforestation agenda. “The support of exemplary figures to our ecosystem revitalization management in the metropolitan area is key to bringing the message to different audiences. Amigos de la Laguna appreciates Quiñones’ commitment with the environment and opens the doors to anyone who sees in the [Condado] Lagoon a space to relax and recreate,” said Brenda Torres, Executive Director at Estuario.

This effort was supported by companies such as EDP University, MCS and Walmart, which provided input for the purchase of trees and planting equipment.

“The San Juan Bay Estuary system – through its mangroves, swamps and canals – was the first line of defense in the metropolitan area against Hurricane Maria. All this caused this ecosystem to be negatively affected and we must rebuild it. We are very pleased that celebrities like Denise Quiñones, and companies like Walmart, EDP University and MCS are joining this effort, along with our volunteer corps, to revive the Estuary. It is up to all of us to reforest and restore health to our coasts,” said the Executive Director. “As part of the Friends of the Lagoon effort we seek the restoration of the Condado Lagoon, which is crucial for the economic development and natural resources of this area,” she added.

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