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Estuario Highlights: February 2019

We visited the St. Mary Condominium to coordinate where their used-oil recycling container will be placed. We evaluated how maintenance employees will manage waste disposal in the condominium. Maintenance employees are already on board with the program and will cooperate with residents to manage the safe disposal and recycling of used cooking oil.

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Estuario Highlights: March 2019

On March 30, 2019, over 1,000 volunteers got together in 270 stations throughout Puerto Rico to verify the quality of bodies of water near their homes, schools, and communities. They verified quality parameters of turbidity, oxygen
levels, Ph, Ammonia and Nitrogen. They also took samples of water for bacteriology testing.

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Estuario Highlights: May 2019

On May 3, 2019, Estuario participated in the University of Puerto Rico’s College of Agricultural Sciences
symposium—Water Management and Quality in the Metropolitan Area: State of the Situation and Proposals for Future Sustainability. Dr. Alejandro Torres presented on the empowerment of communities through the creation of a citizen
water quality network.

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Estuario Highlights: June 2019

With the beginning of 2019’s hurricane season, one of Estuario’s current goals is to increase its’
communities’ capacity and sense of self-management in the event of a disastrous hurricane. The
Community Resilience Team at Estuario organized a get-together with members of Caimito, to be
celebrated at their Cultural Center—also one of Estuario’s Community Resilience Hubs.

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Estuario Highlights: July 2019

The Community Resilience Unit at Estuario organized a myriad of activities for Puente Blanco’s Verano Recreativo summer camp’s Scientific Day. The event was held at Cataño’s La Esperanza park. Several workshops were set-up for participants: a water quality monitoring station with our WQM Coordinator Harold Manrique, birdwatching with our Education Manager Eliezer Nieves, among others.

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