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Results of the Gamaliel Pagán Hernández Christmas Bird Census (2023-2024)

This Christmas season, the San Juan Bay Estuary Partnership carried out the traditional Gamaliel Págan Hernández Christmas Bird Census, from December 14, 2023 to January 5, 2024.

In summary:

  • We carried out 26 censuses in 18 areas of the San Juan Bay Estuary watershed.
  • We documented a total of 87 species of birds, including resident and migratory species
  • 182 volunteers  devoted their time and efforts to counting the birds that inhabit and visit the different ecosystems in the estuary basin.
  • We observed 10 endemic species and 21 migratory species.

We thank all the citizen scientists who joined us, as well as the managers, administrators and entities that gave us access to their natural areas.

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