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The Corporation for the Conservation the San Juan Bay Estuary (CCSJBE) is looking to engage professional consultant(s) for the design and execution of an educational campaign on the importance of conservation of the water bodies interconnected to the San Juan Bay Estuary.

About Estuario

The Corporation for the Conservation of the Estuary of the Bay of San Juan is the not-for-profit entity incorporated in 2005 with fiduciary responsibility for the San Juan Bay Estuary Program, or Estuario. The Estuario is responsible for restoring and conserving the quality of the natural waters of the San Juan Bay Estuary and its watershed as a sustainable axis of social and economic development. Established in 1994, we are the only tropical and non-continental location within the National Estuary Program (NEP) under Section 320 of the Clean Water Act. In the mid to late 90s, Estuario’s Management Conference oversaw one of the largest public engagement initiatives ever undertaken in Puerto Rico to develop our Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP), required as part of the NEP. In 2000, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved Estuario’s CCMP, and in 2016, its first update. Estuario’s success can be largely attributed to our integrated, multisectoral and community-led approach to restoring water quality. Estuario recognizes that water quality restoration requires making significant investments and coordinated collaboration between stakeholders at all levels and across all sectors for a sustained amount of time, sometimes decades. In order to ensure the effectiveness, longevity, and sustainability of our efforts to restore and conserve water quality, we put communities at the center of our work. Our projects rely heavily on local partnerships.

About the Project

The Estuario requests professional advertising agency services for the design and execution of an educational campaign on the importance of conservation of the water bodies interconnected to the San Juan Bay Estuary.

In addition, the campaign will increase awareness of the role gray infrastructure- such as highways and roads- could play in water conservation and how it affects our bodies of water. The main water bodies of this estuarine system are: San Juan Bay, Condado Lagoon, San José Lagoon, Torrecillas Lagoon, Los Corozos Lagoon, Caño Martín Peña, Suárez Channel, Las Cucharillas Marshland and Piedras River.  Estuario employs a comprehensive and multi-sectoral strategy to carry out its projects in a culturally, economically and socially active context.

We are looking for a partner that shares our vision for a socio-ecologically sustainable and resilient San Juan metropolitan region, and a very creative team that facilitates brainstorming solutions and defining unifying strategies.

Scope of Work

Estuario is looking to engage professional consultant(s) to design and execute an educational campaign on the importance of conservation of the water bodies interconnected to the San Juan Bay Estuary with the following objectives in mind:

  • Engage partners and stakeholders that are also considered decisionmakers in water conservation issues
  • Provide confidence in the work of the Estuary
  • To present grey infrastructure (ie highways, roads) as an integrated and cohesive part of natural blue-green infrastructure in an urban setting
  • Present a call to action towards a common goal of conserving our bodies of water for the different levels of audience
  • This project will not include a public relations aspect.


  • Private sector (marinas, hotels, airports, residential areas) and local stakeholders;
  • Public sector (federal, state, municipal and legislative)


  • “Pitch” that includes a creative proposal of the campaign,
  • Secure the media outlets that will become part of the campaign
  • A clear timeline of the campaign execution

Ultimately, we are looking for professional(s) that at minimum meet the following expectations:

  • Highly creative team that transforms technical concepts into an appealing storyline and catchy message
  • Knowledge, passion and interest in environmental issues and the need to integrate stakeholders in the process
  • Enthusiastic about developing public service campaigns
  • Ability to work remotely
  • Prepare a final contract timeline based on its proposal submission and incorporating any changes that might be necessary after the kickoff meeting.
  • Attend any and all necessary meetings with Estuario to approve the final deliverables.
  • Submit regular written reports to Estuario once a month or as requested.
  • Provide own assistants, as needed.
  • Cover own business and travel expenses and tools, including transportation, computer, computer software and licenses, materials, etc.
  • Be able to work from outside the Estuario’s premises and be on-site as needed.
  • Be able to furnish evidence of liability and worker’s compensation insurance, and certification of Good Standing in case applicant is a corporation.

Application Process

  1. Interested entities must register to attend one of the required virtual informational meetings below by January 9, 2023. Meeting dates are as follows and subject to change:
    • Submit any questions via email [email protected] y [email protected] on or before January 20, 2023.
    • Please include “Estuario Advertising Campaign RFP Questions” with the applicant’s name in the subject line.
  2. Presentations/pitch to Estuario team on February 15, 16, or 17, 2023
  3. Send the proposal/pitch (applicant overview, presentations, and required documentation) via email to [email protected] y [email protected] after the candidate presents the “Pitch”to the Estuario team. Please include “Estuario Advertising Campaign RFP” with the applicant’s name in the subject line.

The proposal/’’pitch’’ must address the following items:

  1. Applicant Overview
    1. Qualifications and relevant experience/Portfolio
    2. Bio of every team person that will be working on the campaign
    3. Methodology/philosophy used to implement the project
  2. Presentations:
    1. Overview of proposal of the campaign- including implementation of the public service campaign
    2. Timeline
    3. Metrics for final results
    4. General timeline with executions, deliverables, and deadlines to comply with the deliverables and deadlines stated in the scope of work
    5. Team structure, bios, resumes
    6. Detailed budget that identifies all expenses
  3. Attachments:
    1. Copy of the Department of State certification to do business in Puerto Rico
    2. Certification of compliance with all federal and state laws to conduct business in Puerto Rico

Applicants must comply with all deadlines. No exceptions will be granted. Failure to comply with the requirements of this RFP may result in disqualification


Issue RFP: December 22, 2022

Required Informational Meeting: January 13, 2023 (Must register in advance at the following email): [email protected] and [email protected]

Presentations/“Pitch” to Estuario: February 15,16, or 17, 2023

Submit applicant overview, presentations and required documentation: February 17, 2023 to [email protected] and [email protected]

Selection Announcement: March 10, 2023

Project Start Date: April 3, 2023

Project Deadline for completion: September 1, 2023                   

Selection Process

Qualified applicants will be short-listed, and the Board of Directors will make the final selection. In order of importance, the criteria that will be used to evaluate the presentations will be:

  • Experience successfully executed on previous campaigns
  • Completeness, comprehensiveness, conciseness, clarity, thoroughness, and professional quality of the presentations
  • Creativity
  • Knowledge of the Estuary objectives campaign
  • Budget breakdown and total
  • Timeline scheduling and the ability to complete the project by the deadline
  • Adequacy of key staff, as demonstrated by experience, education, and project role
  • Executive account accessibility

The agency will be selected based on responses to this RFP and the required informational meeting. ESTUARIO provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or genetics. Certified MBE/WBE (minority and women-owned business enterprise) and other certified minorities and small businesses are encouraged to apply.

Other RFP Conditions


This RFP does not commit the Program to award a contract, to defray any costs incurred in the preparation of a Proposal pursuant to this RFP, or to procure or contract for work, and request additional information and/or clarifications.

Public Records

If selected, proposal submitted in response to this RFP become the property of the Program and public records, and as such may be subject to public review.

Right to Cancel

The Program, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to cancel this RFP for any or no reason, in part or in its entirety, including but not limited to the selection schedule, submittal date, and submittal requirements. If the Program cancels or revises the RFP, all potential Contractors will be notified in writing by the Program.

Public Information

Selection announcements, contract awards, and all data provided by the Program shall be protected from public disclosure. Consultants desiring to release information to the public must receive prior written approval from the Program. The Program, at its sole discretion, shall determine the release and disclosure of information related to this RFP and any final work products as a result of this.

Source of Funding: EPA Grant CE99206926-2

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