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Mural con conciencia

The project, Mural con conciencia, aimed to beautify, educate, and raise awareness about protecting the habitat of the Condado Lagoon Natural Estuarine Reserve.
  • In collaboration with Amigos de la Laguna
  • 50 participants approximately, between activities, workshops and visitors to the Condado Lagoon Natural Estuarine Reserve.

As the protagonist of the San Juan Bay Estuary and a great example of natural resilience, the Reserve served as a residence space and meeting point for the realization of this project. The knowledge of the different species of flora and fauna in the Reserve was integrated into the creative process of creating a mural.

The project also aimed to create a sense of belonging, and in turn, develop creative skills through the observation, appreciation, conceptualization and artistic execution of its participants.

These exercises would serve as inspiration for the creation of a mural located in the building of the Federación del Remo in the Reserve’s Jaime Benítez Park.

Through three art workshops, the participation of botany professionals and marine biologists was integrated, to then address drawing techniques.

The project emphasized the use of observation and the activation of our senses to facilitate learning.

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