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Contract Announcement: Estuario Project Coordinator — Citizen Science Certification Program

The San Juan Bay Estuary Program (ESTUARIO) is seeking interested candidates to support the Water Quality Monitoring and Citizens Science Coordinator as Estuario Project Coordinator for the Citizen Scientist Certification Program. The Estuario successfully established its Citizen Science Certification Program in Fiscal Year 2018, creating a Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Program curriculum. The Estuario used the example of its successful Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Program to create the module for Participatory Bird Censuses and the Reduction and Characterization of Microplastics. Each of these modules is comprised of an introductory theory component, fieldwork, and additional workshops to deepen understanding of specific topics. The Estuario also achieved the endorsement of this curriculum by the Rio Piedras Campus of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR). The Department of Environmental Sciences of the UPR agreed to house the curriculum as a seminar included in its course offerings. An internship elective course was developed with both the Department of Environmental Sciences and the Department of Geography at UPR-RP. The Estuario will also continue to build partnerships with other educational institutions and other organizations to continue recruiting students and citizens interested in becoming certified.


This year with the support of other funds, the Estuario will develop the curriculum for a new Coastal Resilience module focused on tropical coastal ecosystems, including mangroves, seagrasses, and coral reefs and highlight the interactions between these coastal ecosystems. The Estuario Project Coordinator will work closely with the Water Quality Monitoring and Citizens Science Coordinator and will carry out this new module and current modules as needed.


  1. Coordinate the development and implementation of a new module focusing on tropical coastal ecosystems, such as mangroves and coral reefs, within ESTUARIO’s Citizen Science Certification Program.
    • 1.1. Establish ongoing and effective communication with partner organizations.
    • 1.2. Coordinate the team’s collaborations and ensure their timely feedback and approval as necessary.
    • 1.3. Oversee volunteers, including recruitment, and support their progress and completion of the program.
    • 1.4. Conduct field data collection.
    • 1.5. Schedule and coordinate at least one introductory and two enrichment workshops or webinars for the Tropical Coastal Ecosystems module.
    • 1.6. Collaborate with the Communications team to promote registration in workshops or webinars.
    • 1.7. Support ESTUARIO’s relationship with an organization or university to enhance and improve the monitoring program as part of the Citizen Science Certification Program.
    • 1.8. Anticipate potential roadblocks and provide concrete recommendations for addressing them.
    • 1.9. Document lessons learned and recommendations for improving the program.


  • Bachelor’s degree. Master’s degree preferred.
    • Degrees in Water Resources, Ecological and Environmental Sciences, Engineering, and Forestry are preferred.
  • Five years of professional experience. At least two of those years must be in coordinating projects and/or events in the above-mentioned or related fields.
  • For the Citizen Science Certification Program, the ideal candidate is particularly interested in climate change and adaptation, has previous experience managing green areas, and is physically skilled in swimming, snorkeling, diving, and other marine activities.
  • Certified MBE/WBE (minority and women-owned business enterprise) and other certified minorities and small businesses are encouraged to apply.
  • Each candidate for each position must be a(n):
  • Exceptional team player who thrives in facilitating collaboration within multi-disciplinary, fast-paced teams.
  • Creative problem solver with a knack for anticipating issues and addressing them in a timely manner.
  • Triage expert who manages time efficiently to deliver on competing priorities.
  • Tactful, engaging, and clear communicator, both orally and in writing, internally and publicly.
  • Astute critical and systems thinker who excels in collecting, compiling, analyzing, and evaluating complex datasets, extracting information, drafting conclusions, and presenting findings in a way that is relevant and helpful to different audiences.
  • Proactive and independent worker with excellent attention to detail without compromising the big picture.
  • Google Business Suite maverick who enjoys keeping everything and everyone organized, on time, on schedule, and on budget.
  • Provide their own personal computer and transportation.

Commensurate with experience.

Candidates interested in the ESTUARIO Project Coordinator for the Citizen Science Certification Program please submit a cover letter and resume/CV by email no later than January 26, 2022 to: [email protected].

The email and cover letter must be directed to Brenda Torres, Executive Director, and must specify in the subject your name and the specific title of the position. i.e. <<Taylor Doe, Estuario Project Coordinator for the Citizen Science Certification Program>>

Source of funding: EPA GRANT CE99206927

The San Juan Bay Estuary Program (ESTUARIO) is a private non-profit organization in charge of restoring and conserving the quality of the natural waters across the San Juan Bay Estuary Watershed, which includes the municipalities of Bayamón, Carolina, Canóvanas, Cataño, Guaynabo, Loíza, San Juan, Trujillo Alto, and Toa Baja.

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