The Stakeholders and Community Coordinator is a facilitator, a people’s person, and a team worker. The Coordinator has the primary job of engaging people from all sources of life to perform volunteer work in order to accomplish the mission of the San Juan Bay Estuary. This professional is also in charge of encouraging public participation and community involvement in restoration projects across the San Juan Bay Estuary watershed. This position develops sponsorship/business arrangements and relationships with businesses, individuals, schools and other organizations interested in supporting the San Juan Bay Estuary Program’s general operations and program areas. This position reports to the Executive Director. Main products delivered: Develop and implement a comprehensive and innovative community outreach plan targeting individual, private, corporate, school and other organizations. Submits proposals to engage potential partners on behalf of the San Juan Bay Estuary Program in a timely and consistent manner. This includes developing concepts, gathering and formatting information and preparing clear communications. Recruits, coordinates and evaluates volunteers for the organization’s volunteer program; promotes community involvement; and coordinates the Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC)’s meetings.

Stakeholder and Community Relations
• Maintains constant communication with relevant stakeholders and community leaders
• Facilitates meetings between the Executive Director and stakeholders
• Maintains and feeds a database with information about stakeholder groups and organizations in the estuarine system and beyond.
• Provides overall coordination and submits quarterly reports related to SJBEP’s AmeriCorps Vista Volunteer Program.
• Maintains open communication channels and is aware of community concerns, and proposes the Executive Director appropriate actions to take.
• Work collaboratively and seamlessly with staff to identify new potential foundation, individual, private, corporate, school and other organization partners.
• Solicit grants, gifts, and sponsorships from new and continuing partners.
• Research and assist in developing plans for expanding the San Juan Bay Estuary Program’s presence.
• Supports in the development and submission of reports submitted by the Executive Director to the Management Conference of the San Juan Bay Estuary Program.

Supporting Citizens as Volunteers
• Supplies the need of volunteers for programs such as habitat restoration, water quality monitoring, education, administration, and others.
• Executes communication strategy to increase engagement of past, current and future volunteers via effective prearrival communication; engaging orientation and introduction to the organization upon arrival; a nuanced follow up depending upon the volunteer’s interests after the service experience
• Deepens recruitment and engagement of key volunteer groups including corporate groups, faith based, locals, veterans, and skilled volunteers
• Develops volunteer job descriptions, recruiting, and evaluation processes as needed by the staff, contractors, and stakeholders of the organization, and as defined by annual work plans.
• Develops and updates a volunteer manual with general information about the organization, volunteer opportunities, safety protocols, and other information. • Ensures all volunteer data is gathered, tracked and communicated throughout the organization using tools including
• Organizes recognition activities for the volunteers.
• Coordinates informational sessions and workshops to inform citizens on opportunities to volunteer.

Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan
• Provides updates on the progress achieved by the organization regarding the actions under the Outreach and Public Participation division of the CCMP.
• Advises the Executive Director on effective strategies to implement the actions, and the need of new CCMP actions.
• Coordinates the CAC meetings, keeps evidence of attendance, agendas and minutes.

Education and Experience:
• Bachelor’s in education, biology, or environmental science related field, and at least four years of experience in the field. A Masters degree is desired, but not required.
• Strong communication skills both verbal and writing. Copy editing experience is desired.
• Must have documented successful partnership cultivation experience and a keen understanding of fundraising/income development.
• Strong computer and analytical skills.
• Experience working on interdisciplinary teams as well as independently.
• Experience working in the San Juan Bay Estuary or with partners in the region is preferred.
• Experience with project management

Job Knowledge and Skills:
• Strong performance orientation and skillful strategic thinking. Establishes clear expectations and continuously measures performance.
• The ability to work through stringent deadlines with acute attention to detail is required. Maintains focus on priorities.
• Strong interpersonal, communication and relationship building skills
• Experience working with vulnerable populations
• Flexible, positive, solutions oriented attitude and desire to achieve results
• Self-starter with the ability to manage time effectively.
• Demonstrates excellence in both oral and written communications. Knowledge of external communications and cultivation techniques are essential.
• A high degree of integrity in dealing with confidential donor, supported family and financial information.
• Ability to conceptualize task projects from start to finish and complete all tasks; including - logistics, correspondence, financial reports and printed materials. • Ability to work in a team setting
• Competent in conflict and crisis management
• Access to a personal vehicle
• Fully Bilingual; English and Spanish.

Send an email with resume to Brenda Torres, Executive Director of the San Juan Bay Estuary Program at Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. by July 15, 2018. Contact: Brenda Torres
Salary: Based on experience
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The Corporation for the Conservation of the San Juan Bay Estuary Program, a not-for-profit organization, hereinafter called “the Corporation”, requests proposals from qualified firms to clean septic tanks in the Cataño communities of Juana Matos and Puente Blanco. A scope of work (Section V) is included to assist interested firms, hereinafter called “the Contractor”, in the preparation of a proposal for performing the implementation of the study. The Contractor should not be limited by this general scope of work but must address all of the solutions and work products called for in this Request for Proposal (RFP). Failure to submit information in accordance with the requirements and procedures established in this document may be cause for disqualification. A Mandatory Informative Meeting and Project’s Site Visit will take place on Wednesday June 27, in order to identify possible limitations, and broaden the potential Contractor’s understanding and knowledge of the work areas background and needs.

RFP Informative Site Visit and Final Scope and Deliverable 

Costs estimate sheet and Cataño Map

The San Juan Bay Estuary Program is requesting proposals from qualified firms or individuals to redesign its current logo. The deadline for submission of sealed proposals is July 6, 2018, not later than 3:00 p.m. Please address proposals to:

Brenda Torres, Executive Director
San Juan Bay Estuary Program
265 Calle San Francisco, San Juan, 00901
Email: Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.

This is a competitive process for all qualified freelance graphic designers and reputable design firms/agencies. The redesign of the San Juan Bay Estuary Program (SJBEP) logo will help to create awareness of the SJBEP among the general public, followers and stakeholders and promote its activities, workshops and other initiatives related to the restoration and conservation of the estuary system within an urban context.

Founded in 1993, the San Juan Bay Estuary Program is an environmental non-profit corporation. SJBEP’s restore the quality of the waters of the San Juan Bay Estuary system and its watershed. The estuary is the meeting point of the water from rivers with the ocean. The San Juan Bay Estuary watershed extends across eight municipalities in the metro region. These are Bayamón, Carolina, Cataño, Guaynabo, Loíza, San Juan, Toa Baja and Trujillo Alto. The organization is committed to educate next generations that must face the environmental and social problems in the future. Our objective is to equip citizens with information, field experience and workshops to bring our community a better social justice perspective.

The candidate shall provide a proposal, in accordance with the terms and conditions set in this document, to provide the redesign of the San Juan Bay Estuary Program logo that may include, but are not limited to:
• Conduct necessary research, including interviews, focus groups and surveys to determine audiences and perceptions of the Estuary.
• Evaluation of existing brand and marketing materials, such as print and digital to determine the messages.
• Define users.
• Define values and personality of the brand.
• Develop a new visual identity logo, taking into consideration the mission, vision and objectives of the Estuary.
• Create a brand guideline including clear messages to ensure a strong communication of the brand.
• Design specific marketing material: Standard manual that can be used for both print and digital identity including:

    o Logo
    o Color Palette
    o Typography
    o Photographic style
    o Graphic Elements: Print Collateral and Templates: Letterhead, Business cards, Program Brochures, Flyers, Stand banners, Booth, Annual Report
• Develop a marketing plan for print, digital and social media for promotion, launch schedule and training.
• Complete all the tasks and meet the deadlines

To be considered responsive, a proposal must contain the following, prefaced by a table of contents, referenced by number and in the order below. If a proposal fails to meet a material requirement of the RFP, or if it is incomplete or contains irregularities, the proposal may be rejected. If the execution of work to be performed requires the hiring of sub-contractors you must clearly state this in your proposal.
1. A brief description of the history and organization of the bidder’s firm, and of any proposed sub Vendor.
2. Copies of business licenses, professional certifications or other credentials, together with evidence that bidder, if a corporation, is in good standing and qualified to conduct business in Puerto Rico.
3. Qualifications, background and experience of the project director and other staff proposed to work on the project.
4. Identification of at least three (3) prior branding/rebranding projects developed by the bidder within the past three (3) years. Include references with contact information for each.
5. A general description of the techniques, approaches and methods to be used in completing the project.
6. A description of the chronology for completing the work, including a time line and deadlines for each task.
7. A detailed, itemized cost proposal. Indicate the estimated number of hours needed and a fixed-bid amount for each set of deliverables. Specific terms may be reserved for future negotiation, but must be clearly identified and reasons given for the reservation.

• Submissions will be accepted June 4, 2018 through July 6, 2018
• The committee will make final hiring decisions before July 20, 2018.
• Designer will complete consultation with committee members by September 7, 2018.
• Logo concepts by September 14, 2018.
• Final logo by September 28, 2018.

Questions concerning this RFP should be directed to the e-mail [Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.] no later than 3:00 pm on June 15, 2018 or you can call us at 787-725-8165. 

Our evaluation will include a detailed assessment of your previous experience with branding/rebranding. The candidate must be able to present previous experience evidence with at least two (3) examples of previous branding projects.
Our team will evaluate if you meet the standards to create a brand. Provide the brand with a modern and new perspective for the public.
Our evaluation will include our assessment of your understanding of our organization and how well you can manage the information provided by our internal team.
Our evaluation will include an assessment of how well you bring ideas, plans and managing for our brand.
Provide quality services that meets our determined standards. Effective delivery in relation to your budget allocation.
Total 100%

Especialista en Diseño de Currículos Educativos

Fecha límite: 30 de mayo de 2018

Especialista en Educación y Diseño de Currículos y Guías Educativas

El Programa del Estuario de la Bahía de San Juan (Estuario) se encuentra en el proceso del diseño de una guía curricular para su Programa de Certificación de Ciudadanos Científicos, por lo que interesa reclutar a un Especialista con experiencia y conocimientos amplios en desarrollo de guías educativas, currículos educativos y módulos de instrucción.


1. Recopilación de información de los proyectos y actividades de Monitoreo ambiental del Estuario (Monitoreo de Calidad de Agua y Censos de Aves Participativos) y otros proyectos de Ciudadanos Científicos en y fuera de Puerto Rico.

2. Análisis y Evaluación de los proyectos y actividades de Monitoreo ambiental del Estuario (Monitoreo de Calidad de Agua y Censos de Aves Participativos)

3. Análisis de la Población a quien se dirige esta Certificación.

4. Desarrollo y diseño de una Guía Curricular del Programa de Certificación de Ciudadanos Científicos para el Estuario.

5. Análisis y Recomendaciones para el Estuario.

6. Componentes de la Guía:

La Guía Curricular contendrá pero podrá no limitarse a las siguientes partes:

a. Trasfondo del Estuario (Misión, Visión, Programas y Proyectos)

b. Trasfondo del Concepto de Ciudadanos Científicos

c. Introducción Temática a la Guía (Mensaje del Estuario)

d. Enfoque o Metodología Pedagógica (Descripción/recomendación de una o varias Estrategias)

e. Descripción de Estrategias, Actividades y Técnicas de Investigación

f. Sílabos de los Módulos de Monitoreo de Calidad de Agua y Censos Participativos

(Temas, Descripción, Objetivos Generales, Objetivos Específicos, Requisitos, Horas Contacto, Tareas, Actividades de Campo, Evaluación)

g. Referencias (Análisis y comentarios)


  • Trasfondo académico de una universidad reconocida en Educación, Investigación, Evaluación, Sociología, Antropología, Educación en Geografía o Ciencias Ambientales, Liderato en Educación.
  • Preferiblemente Maestría o Doctorado en las áreas descritas
  • Preferiblemente experiencia en proyectos de educación ambiental
  • Experiencia probada en el diseño de Guías Educativas, Guías Curriculares y Actividades de educación e investigación
  • Disponibilidad de participar en trabajos de investigación junto al personal del Estuario en varios puntos del área metropolitana
  • Que tenga medios de transportación para participar de reuniones y viajes de estudio en varios puntos del área metropolitana
  • CV actualizado con referencias

Debe enviar su CV / Resumé a: Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.