RFP: Septic tank clean-up for Cataño

The Corporation for the Conservation of the San Juan Bay Estuary Program, a not-for-profit organization, hereinafter called “the Corporation”, requests proposals from qualified firms to clean septic tanks in the Cataño communities of Juana Matos and Puente Blanco. A scope of work (Section V) is included to assist interested firms, hereinafter called “the Contractor”, in the preparation of a proposal for performing the implementation of the study. The Contractor should not be limited by this general scope of work but must address all of the solutions and work products called for in this Request for Proposal (RFP). Failure to submit information in accordance with the requirements and procedures established in this document may be cause for disqualification. A Mandatory Informative Meeting and Project’s Site Visit will take place on Wednesday June 27, in order to identify possible limitations, and broaden the potential Contractor’s understanding and knowledge of the work areas background and needs.

RFP Informative Site Visit and Final Scope and Deliverable 

Costs estimate sheet and Cataño Map