10.1 - Implemented

Task ID 10.1

Tasks Analyze historical information on sediment quality in the SJBE.

Schedule Long-Term

Status Implemented

Partipants Programa del EBSJ

Update The USEPA's Coastal 2000 Report includes a multi-year partnership among USEPA's Office of Research and Development, EPA Region 2, EPA's Office of Water and the DNER.  This joint effort evaluates the condition of coastal resources in Puerto Rico as part of a region wide assessment for USEPA Region 2.  Fifty (50) stations have been sampled in Puerto Rico; eight (8) of these are located in the SJBE.  Water quality (i.e. DO, salinity, pH), sediment quality (i.e. grain size, sediment toxicity) and biotic condition constituents (i.e. community structure, tissue analyses) were collected and analyzed.  The data collected will help assist in the development of Step WS-10.2.

Date Created 03 Mar 2006

Last Update 16 Jan 2008