10.3 - Implemented

Task ID 10.3

Tasks Perform sediment toxicity and bioaccumulation tests, benthic community structure, microtox, and other assays/tests as necessary.

Schedule Long-Term

Status Implemented

Partipants Programa del EBSJ

Update The sediment analysis is currently taking place as part of the SJBE Sediment and Water Quality Assessment study(see WS-10.2).  The researcher informed that the results should be available by the end of summer 2004.
In winter of 2002, EPA's conducted a survey in the San Juan Bay Estuary that focused on generating a comprehensive bilogical and chemical assessement of sediment throughout the estuary. Thirty-four site were visited during this survey. The analysis of the data was presented in the 2006 National Estuary Program Coastal Condition Report. Furthermore, Jose Rivera -under contract to NOAA Fisheries - submitted to the SJBEP in 2005 the  report "Finding on the Benthic Assessment of the San Juan Bay Estuary,Puerto Rico".

Date Created 03 Mar 2006

Last Update 16 Jan 2008