11.3 - Pending

Task ID 11.3

Tasks Modify existing regulations, if necessary.

Schedule Short-Term

Status Pending

Partipants Programa del EBSJ

Update No efforts are currently being carried out for this task.  However, the SWMA made suggestions that could be presented to the Legislative Assembly to facilitate the implementation of Law 172.  The recommendations are:
1. Increase the percentage of money granted to the SWMA through the Recollection and Handling of Used Oil Fund, from 2% to 5%, to be able to cover media exposure costs throughout the Island, so that the public is kept informed.
2. Present an amendment to regulate the handling and disposal of oil filers of motor vehicles on the Island, of which an estimate of six million units a year are disposed of in the flow of domestic waste without adequate drainage.

Date Created 03 Mar 2006

Last Update 16 Jan 2008