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Tasks Convene a legal/technical task force to review existing statutes and guidelines related to the creation and protection of riparian corridors, their suitability, financing sources, and any management measures needed to properly attend to current needs.  Using the sjbe watershed as a demonstration project area, identify those sites subject to these statutes where the protection and enhancement of riparian functions could be immediately enforced and implemented.

Schedule Short-Term

Status Implemented

Partipants Programa del EBSJ

Update As part of the activities of this task, the SJBEP has been actively participating in several task forces dedicated to the protection and conservation of riparian corridors in the SJBE watershed.  In August 28, 2003 Law number 403 was enacted (see Attachment 47) which designates the San Juan Ecological Corridor.  As part of this Law, the Commission for the San Juan Ecological Corridor, of which the SJBEP is a member, was created to assure the conservation of this important natural area.  The Commission is currently abiding to the actions stipulated by the Law in due schedule.  The actions that merit more attention are the prohibition of the transfer and enactment of land, the expropriation and acquisition of land, and the development of the Conservation and Management Plan of the corridor.  The importance of not only these actions, but of this Law, is that it is the first one of its kind.

Date Created 03 Mar 2006

Last Update 16 Jan 2008