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AD-4 - Implemented

Action ID AD-4

Action Conduct periodic aquatic debris clean-up activities as suggested SJBE locations

Schedule Mid-Term

Status Implemented


Update March, 2012: The SJBEP frequently carries coastal cleanup activities in different parts of the SJBE such as Palo Seco, La Esperanza, Piñones and Isla de Cabras. In January 2011 we completed our most recent coastal cleanup in Isla de Cabras in the Western side of the San Juan Bay. The Port Authority collects aquatic debris from piers in Old San Juan and the San Juan Bay.

The SJBEP is frequently carrying out a series of educational campaigns in the media. The aim of these pubic service campaigns is to effectively increase public awareness regarding the natural and recreational value of the San Juan Bay Estuary. In 2009-2010 the Program received an average of $750,000 worth of free airtime in the media.

In January 2011 we completed a coastal cleanup in Isla de Cabras in the Western side of the San Juan Bay.

Update January 2010:  The SJBEP conducts ongoing cleanup activities in the San Juan Bay watershed area. Among the latest is a beach cleaning activity at Escambrón beach in SJ with SJBE volunteers and employees of the Caribe Hilton Hotel in October 2009. One of the most attractive activities for our volunteers is the cleanup of the island La Esperanza in Cataño, we are coordinating the 4th annual cleaning of the island, to be held in June 2010.

Previous updates:  As with other CCMP actions, this is an ongoing activity for the SJBEP.  In 2003, the Program served as site coordinator for the International Coastal Cleanup, organized by The Ocean Conservancy.  The SJBEP will continue to participate in this activity and is planning to engage communities in eight different areas in the estuary's watershed.  The Program also collaborates with other efforts throughout the year, either as an active partner or as technical advisor.

Conduct educational and publicity campaigns to increase public awareness about the natural and recreational values of particular sjbe locations and the estuary system as a whole and the importance of keeping these areas trash free.
AD-4.2 Organize aquatic debris clean-up events at suggested sjbe sites. Encourage and support local groups of volunteers with their own independently organized clean-ups at sjbe locations.

Date Created 16 Feb 2006

Last Update 17 March 2012

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